DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY, Specialized in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Advertising Campaigns on Google

360 WEBMARKETING is an offshore agency with an experience of more than 10 years in digital marketing, web business and remote working.

We assist our clients, and theirs, in boosting their online visibility. Our experience on digital marketing  allows us to address all the projects entrusted to us with an approach based on Return on Investment (ROI) and the effectiveness of the actions carried out.

We take your entire web project to heart, from the moment of creating your site and creating content to promoting it to search engines for maximum conversions.

Our flagship services include Organic Referencing (SEO) and paid Search Advertising (SEA).

Are you keen on enhancing the performance of your site and improving conversions? Through a quality SEO and the creation, optimization and management of Google AdWords campaigns, we offer you better positioning and qualified traffic.

SEO Know-How

Our web marketing project managers follow a clear methodology, the result of expertise and continuous monitoring :

Semantic Analysis

This step is very important insofar as it will allows for the definition of the semantic vocabulary, without which it will be impossible to reference your site.

We analyze your website in order to extract the most relevant strategic themes and keywords.

We analyze the websites of your competitors to explore all possible keyword paths.

We use our various tools to search for generic terms related to your line of business.

SEO Audit

Before setting up an organic referencing strategy, it is necessary to perform the referencing audit of your site.

This SEO analysis will identify the strengths and weaknesses of your site. It will also highlight the main factors blocking the good positioning of your site on Google.

Improving Netlinking/Trust Flow

We analyze the sites that link to yours, and disavow those that are detrimental to your SEO. Besides, we create referral links with the aim of increasing your popularity and thus improving your ranking in search results.

Content Optimization and Tagging

We optimize metadata tags, URLs, index files, etc. The objective is to make the content (pages) of your site more accessible for indexing by crawlers.

In addition, we intervene to optimize existing content in order to make it more SEO friendly, and/or create new content, adapted to web reading and to Google’s requirements.

Promoting Local SEO via Google My Business

The Google My Business page is now essential in order to appear in Google’s local results, and therefore to gain visibility during searches in your locality.

If you want to make sure people can find you on Google Maps and connect with you through the way you have presented your business and your reputation, then the Google My Business page is now essential for the success of your business in local search.

For this, we create your page, optimize your description and the presentation of your products/services, and publish various posts.

Organic Referencing Packs adapted to small and medium-sized businesses working locally and online

Semantic Study and Analysis

- Definition of 10 or 20 keywords

SEO Audit

- Overall SEO Recommendations and user experience

Website Optimization

- Creation and setting up of robots.txt and sitemap.xml
- Optimization of existing content (texts and images)
- Creation of landing pages

Optimization of Google My Business Listing

- Information on the headings of the listing according to the activity of the company (schedule, department, etc.)
- Creation of optimized posts


- Study of backlinks
- Creation of 10 /20 external links from quality sources

Follow-up and Analysis

- Integration of Tag analytics
- Monthly report on site positioning and visit

The promise of 360 Webmarketing :

A complete Adwords service offer To grow your online business

As a website organic referencing agency, specialized in SMEs/SMIs, we guarantee you the most effective solutions and the most suitable offers for your budget and your objectives, which will allow you to achieve the ROI you are targeting, in a sustainable and rapid manner:

Re-engage your audience with messages tailored to what you know about your target. We can help you set up and optimize standard and dynamic remarketing campaigns.

Display Advertising

The Google Display Network allows you to run ads on a variety of news, blogs and other specialized websites to attract more potential customers.

Mobile Advertising

AdWords ads will allow you to reach your customers wherever they are thanks to mobile ads. We assist you to successfully communicate with your customers via smartphones and tablets.

Contrary to TV advertising, the cost of which remains very high, advertising on YouTube is very affordable for advertisers. Being the second global search engine after Google, YouTube allows you to precisely reach your target thanks to Google AdWords tools.

Google Shopping

How about having your store on Google and directly selling your products? With Google Ads for a product deal, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad and access to your website.

Pack : Google Adwords Organic Referencing/Advertising Campaigns on Google

Campaign Creation

Campaign Management

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